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Troy Simson
United Kingdom,
7:36 PM
  • Hourly rate$25 / hr
  • Total earned$42,250
  • Experience12+ years

Full Stack Developer, Designer

Software Developer I am a full-stack developer with 12+ years of experience. I am using Elixir or Ruby on Rails on the back end and I love using React or Ember on the front end. After having worked in the finance industry for years, I am constantly in search of new challenges.

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Customer portal with calculation tool
December 25, 2017-February 25, 2018

Great experience working with Troy on yet another project. He delivers an extremely high quality of work, and is very well organized. His problem solving skills and logical questions is a big contribution to the success of this project. Troy has a good grasp of understanding user experience and will point out logical pitfalls and solve them to the highest expectations. He delivers pixel perfect front-end code, and easy readable and maintainable back-end code. And of course, delivery on time. I would give Troy my highest recommendations.

150 Hours$25.00 / hr
Developer needed to create mobile app in React Native and backend for management
April 16, 2018-May 29, 2018

Troy is is very solution oriented. Very skillful and works very effective.

100 Hours$30.00 / hr
Project Management software
September 18, 2018-November 10, 2018

Troy had a great understanding of the task, and gave valuable feedback for product improvement during development. High quality work, delivery on time and delivery above and beyond scope/brief.

200 Hours$25.00 / hr
Golf Game in C#
February 2, 2019-May 6, 2019

Great job on a complex project. Well written C# and great Unity skills. Will use again!

200 Hours$30.00 / hr
B2B Lead generation software, app
August 29, 2019-November 11, 2019

Seldom have I met someone as hardworking, dedicated, and knowledgable as Troy. He is a fantastic communicator, and was a pleasure to work with. He completed every milestone perfectly, and ahead of schedule. Finding a developer who can handle not only the front and backend, but who is also knowledgable in U/X, and puts together gorgeous U/I, is rare and special. But that’s Troy. He’s a rare and special developer, and I’m glad I had the opportunity to work with him. Truly, he exceeds expectations. He’s reliable, doesn’t need to be managed, and will continually blow you away. I’m looking forward to working with him again! Highly, highly

400 Hours$20.00 / hr
Develop Backend of Analytics tool using YouTube API
January 20, 2020-March 6, 2020

Troy is an incredibly experienced developer that have helped us build an MVP for our analytics tool. I highly recommend anyone to start working with Troy!

150 Hours$30.00 / hr
Ebay / Amazon API Integration
April 17, 2020-May 12, 2020

Troy is highly skilled pro in back end, iOS and Android. My first choice for any of the projects moving forward.

100 Hours$20.00 / hr
Backend Development
July 15, 2020-September 30, 2020

Troy is one of the best back end developers there is. Has great understanding of Cloud technologies, such as Google or Amazon. Creates awesome and very stable architecture. He is a very versatile programmer, knows very well Android and iOS. For any feedback or reference, feel free to contact us.

400 Hours$25.00 / hr


Master's Degre, Computer Science

City University London