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Maga Buckley
United Kingdom,
1:01 AM
  • Hourly rate$20 / hr
  • Total earned$22,080
  • Experience10+ years

Full-Stack Developer

Hey), I am Maga, I love working with Ruby, OO PHP (WordPress, Drupal, anything PHP), Javascript (jQuery, AngularJS, vanilla JS), HTML (HTML3,5, HAML), CSS (CSS2/3, Foundation, Bootsrap, SMACSS, Compass SASS). My projects were driven by PHP and MySQL on server, and Javascript on client. By years I also work with different skills, with different frameworks, which allow to make development faster. For example Zend Framework, Symfony and Yii for PHP. Jquery and Angular for Javascript. Also I tried to use some NoSQL technologies in replacement for MySQL. Of course I'm good in HTML and CSS.

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Ecommerce website development
February 15, 2018-February 27, 2018

I am very satisfied with Maga's work. She provided fantastic quality of work and was very helpful through the entire process. Would highly recommend!

80 Hours$17.00 / hr
Social Media App with React Native
June 8, 2018-July 1, 2018

Maga has done a fantastic job for us! She was very responsive and was available whenever we needed her. We'll continue working with Maga.

180 Hours$19.00 / hr
Payment web-app with API
September 17, 2018-October 22, 2018

Maga is a professional and expert in what she does. We discovered creative, intelligent, thoughtful individual who wanted to make something great together. Looking forward to do a great job together in future projects. Many Thanks!

180 Hours$20.00 / hr
SquareSpace developer with strong JS experience
January 25, 2019-February 8, 2019

Great work! She did an amazing job and worked quickly. Very communicative and responsive. I would recommend Maga to anyone looking for. Thanks Maga!

120 Hours$17.00 / hr
Full Stack developer for my Parking Projcet
March 18, 2019-April 1, 2019

Maga is amazing freelancer. She understood my requirements, and gave everything that was needed and expected. I am very thankful for your help and highly recommend!

100 Hours$19.00 / hr
Web Development and Designer for my two business websites
April 22, 2019-May 21, 2019

Both times, I got awesome results! Maga knows how to partner with people and get things done. Her hardworking attitude built a strong relationship. All the time, I felt like my projects were in good and reliable hands. I am very grateful and highly recommend Maga to everyone!

200 Hours$18.00 / hr
UI/UX design for my Shopify and WordPress websites
October 23, 2019-November 4, 2019

Maga is always creative, enthusiastic, and approachable. My project's prototype required 7 pages and Maga suggested different design solutions for each one. I mostly liked the animated solutions she provided. I will definitely work with her again!

80 Hours$17.00 / hr
A Team Member for a Game platform
January 27, 2020-February 29, 2020

Maga is very creative, reliable and smart. She understand our requirements quickly and translate them into solutions. Her work was exemplary and the quality of code is strong. I am planning new projects to go forward with Maga!

240 Hours$20.00 / hr