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Mark Andrews
United Kingdom,
9:04 AM
  • Hourly rate$20 / hr
  • Total earned$16,398
  • Experience10+ years

Full Stack Web/App and APIs Developer

I am a Full Stack developer who thoroughly enjoys good design and efficiency. I have a career of working with WordPress, React, SASS, node, APIs, and more. One of My highlights is to have been part of the dev team at Conde Nast ( and Vogue) which I developed the CMS for the editors. I like to work on a team and the entrepreneur in my greatly appreciates being able to bring my ideas to the table.

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TV App development
August 4, 2019-September 12, 2019

I recommend working with Mark. I enjoyed working with you. Thanks !

180 Hours$20.00 / hr
d3 programmer for data vizualisation
September 22, 2019-October 2, 2019

Thank you so much for helping me. I'm really happy with the results.

55 Hours$20.00 / hr
New Chrome extension development for price comparison
October 16, 2019-November 6, 2019

The quality of his output was fantastic .

110 Hours$22.00 / hr
WebGL expert needed
November 14, 2019-November 30, 2019

Thanks for a job well done! Would definitely recommend.

90 Hours$22.00 / hr
3d real estate visualisation tool
December 8, 2019-January 23, 2020

Not only did Mark complete the job earlier than anticipated, but the quality of work was outstanding!

180 Hours$20.00 / hr
Telegram bot developer
February 19, 2020-March 2, 2020

Great and high quality work, and I enjoyed working with him.

59 Hours$22.00 / hr
Game development
March 10, 2020-April 8, 2020

Mark did an outstanding job helping us with our Game production. He is very professional in every aspect, creates top notch graphics, characters and is an excellent communicator. Will contact him for future jobs.

96 Hours$25.00 / hr
Price Comparison Website
June 28, 2020-June 28, 2020

What a shame! I clearly explained my project to Andrew, and we agreed on a budget for 10 weeks development. 3 months later, it is still not ready, the budget doubled, and the funny part.. Andrew does not reply anymore. He realized that the project would take longer and was not able to provide proper timelines. I have spent thousands for a website that Andrew puts live without my approval. No links are clickable and the code can be stolen by anyone. Thanks for the waste of time and money.. And not professional at all to stop responding to your clients.

0 Hours$0.00 / hr


  • Node js
  • Wordpress
  • PHP
  • MySql
  • Magento
  • Shopify
  • Laravel
  • SVG
  • C++
  • C#
  • Python