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Nikita Lyapin
Russian Federation,
11:01 AM
  • Hourly rate$25 / hr
  • Total earned$11,795
  • Experience10+ years

General Software Engineering & Computer Vision

In my 8 years developing software, the field of technology and the options available to solve problems has progressed at an amazing pace. Thankfully I have an intense passion for learning new technology and applying it to solve problems. Not only do I enjoy learning the details and ramifications of whats new, but I have the experience to realize when something isn't ready for production, or is the wrong solution to solve the problem. I have been in the field and I have used many different technologies , Java, PHP, Nodejs, Dojo, Angular, Vue etc. and integrated with dozens of 3rd party systems. I have been a developer, a team lead, an architect, and, off the side of my desk, I have done project management, dev management, dev ops and more. In the end, I do whatever needs doing to solve business problems with technology. I love building and solving. We leverage a wide range of technologies to achieve clients' objectives and produce unique and performance-rich solutions. As the lead of development at a small technology company I am responsible for many aspects of the development process. - Meeting with clients to gather requirements - Building proposals for custom software or off the shelf solutions - Designing the technical solution - Providing direction and development guidance to other developers - Building parts of the solution, from the database, backend, client and devops. - Directed team of developers in completing features in short time-frames to deliver measurable business value. - Server technologies used on regular basis, Laravel (PHP), Nodejs, Java - Frontend frameworks used on regular basis, Angular (1.5.8, 4.0). - Databases used on regular basis, MySQL, DynamoDB, reThinkDB

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Telecom Software Development
February 1, 2019-March 8, 2019

Great project completed with Nikita.

150 Hours$26.00 / hr
Web Scraping from Real Estate Websites
March 25, 2019-March 26, 2019

Understood what I needed and did the job very quickly.

45 Hours$25.00 / hr
Create a script to collect data from Instagram and save to .csv file
May 6, 2019-May 20, 2019

good communication, fast delivery.

85 Hours$30.00 / hr
Developer needed for creating or setting up a WordPress Theme
July 1, 2019-July 4, 2019

He also made a few simple changes to my WordPress website, making me happy with the outcome.

26 Hours$15.00 / hr
Law firm website
July 22, 2019-August 6, 2019

Nikita is Amazing and would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a freelancer.

85 Hours$18.00 / hr
Chrome add on
August 12, 2019-August 30, 2019

He was very knowledgeable. He completed the job quickly and when above and beyond what I asked him to do.

92 Hours$25.00 / hr
Graphic Design Of Mobile Site and Website
March 15, 2020-March 15, 2020

Nikita was very attentive. He did everything exactly according to instruction and was good mannered and supportive!

0 Hours$0.00 / hr


  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • Ajax
  • Foundation
  • PHP
  • C++
  • C#
  • Java


Master's degree, Computer science

Saint Petersburg State University