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Iptv restreaming

  • Hourly - Expert (>$40.00 /hr)
  • Less than 1 months
  • Posted 1 month ago

I m looking for a freelancer experienced , who builded before a iptv site restreaming , very stable , no much buffering . with resellers pannel . also the website not just the iptv system . everything

Developer needed for creating a Moodle bulk quiz creation and upload tool

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  • Posted 1 month ago

We are SpeechAce and we have developed a speech recognition question type plugin for Moodle ( We are looking for a competent Moodle developer who can help us improve our bulk quiz creation tool for our plugin's question type. The requirements are as follows:

1. Accept a CSV format that specifies parameters for each question in the quiz. The parameters relate to our question type and a content.csv sample has been provided as an attachment.

2. Use SpeechAce API validate function to ensure that all text strings in the text column specified for each question. If validation fails at any point then terminate the tool and print an error suggesting that a specific text string could not be validated. Take a look at helper.txt provided as an attachment to see how to invoke validation function.

3. Use SpeechAce API to generate audio for all text in the text column IF nothing has been specified under the audio column for a quiz question. Take a look at helper.txt provided as an attachment to see how audio needs to be generated. If an audio file has been specified in the audio file column and the file could not be found in content folder then stop the tool and ask user to specify the audio file.

4. Include image files provided by user under image column and display them on top of plugin output. Review speechaceqtyperender.jpg provided as an attachment. If an image file has been specified in the image file column and the file could not be found in content folder then stop the tool and ask user to specify the image file.

5. Ensure audio and image files are included appropriately with other SpeechAce question type parameters as available in speechaceqtype.txt

6. Generate .mbz file that can be uploaded via Restore backup function to all of Moodle versions starting from 2.7 to 3.8

7. Tool directory structure can be as follows:
|-bulktool.php {This will be developed by you}
|-run.bat - file that can be used from windows cmd shell to trigger the creation of the .mbz file

Once run.bat is triggered, bulktool.php will read the content under the content folder and then use the helper.php file to create the .mbz file.

Our tool does this currently but is not very robust. We will require you to take our current tool and improve it by incorporating Moodle's backup restore logic to create and upload the .mbz file.

To be successful in this job, you must understand Moodle's backup/restore logic for question type plugins very well. All code will be open sourced and checked in to our github repo.

Developer needed to set up data base for mortgage financing

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  • Posted 1 month ago

I need to administrate client mortgages, set up a data base to track their mortgages, I would like to calculate APR and be able to have a payout ready at any time. When the mortgage is coming to term and add renewal fees or other terms at renewal. Track any missed payments and add late payment fees.
Track referral sources for each client.
I would like to input the data then also be able to generate a mortgage commitment(attached iMortgage Canada example). Once the mortgage is funded be able to go back to the client file and update closing date, fees etc.
The 2nd part would be to generate cost of credit disclosure statements and conflict of interest fee disclosure statements. (see Alpine Credits forms attached

I want someone to clean up our website on squarespace

  • Hourly - Entry Level (<$20.00 /hr)
  • Less than 1 months
  • Posted 1 month ago

Cleaner Footers
More fictional testimonials section
Cleaner blog section (we have blogs from another site)
Cleanup logos
New stock imagery - authentic images

The Tide Group- Web Form

  • Hourly - none (none)
  • None
  • Posted 1 month ago

As per discussion and recording I sent.

We have agreed a maximum spend of $350.

Blockchain Proof of Concept

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  • Posted 1 month ago

per conversation 27-11-19, pdf's sent earlier. Still to send NDA/IP terms, sketch docs, simulated data.

Sketchup Plugin

  • Hourly - Expert (>$40.00 /hr)
  • Less than 1 months
  • Posted 1 month ago

Looking for a custom Sketchup Plugin to be written, where the coding language is Ruby API.
The functionality is complex but can be done logically.
Plugin for personal use only, but I will require the source code on completion.

Experienced Deluge / JavaScript Developer Needed

  • Hourly - none (none)
  • None
  • Posted 1 month ago

The script / solution will need to analyze and identify specified criteria based on user data, a provided algorithm, and a set of geographical APIs and options which the developer will scale to project need and apply.

CRM and BI experience is very critical; experience working with Zoho Apps, Zoho Sigma / Vertical CRM are a strong plus.

A small scale working model of this solution has been developed and will be provided upon signing of NDA.

The provided script will need to be operational in the deluge language, and installed on Zoho Developer.
Any exterior API's along with call allotment/costs agreed upon prior to utilization.

invoice discounting platform

  • Hourly - Intermidate ($20.00 - $40.00 /hr)
  • Less than 1 months
  • Posted 2 months ago

im looking for someone to develop invoice discounting platform

Logos needs some additional house keeping quality assurance work

  • Hourly - Expert (>$40.00 /hr)
  • Less than 1 week
  • Posted 2 months ago


We have two logos and we like someone to do some additional work on it as:

- Breaking one logo in three distinct high-quality sub-logos. We are expecting at the end a package containing those sub-logos as high-quality images for website logo sections, Twitter logos, Instagram logos, WeChat logos.

- Reshaping/refactoring a second logo current version, and providing us a high-quality version in various sizes. [to be communicated after the job is awarded]

We have the AI file version so this should be a straight forward job for the right person.