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We want to create an app

  • Hourly - Expert (>$40.00 /hr)
  • 1 to 3 months
  • Posted 2 years ago

We have a eCom website, that is, support H5, we want to create app to capture the info from web, look like app but is just like mobile website, If you have similar experience, please feel free to submit your interested.

I want to create online mobile adv platform

  • Hourly - Expert (>$40.00 /hr)
  • 1 to 3 months
  • Posted 2 years ago

End User Registration Page
1) End user can register their detail, ID, phone, address, gender in website
2) System send SMS OTP to verify
3) With reference system, end user can key in their friend phone number, system will send sms to invite their friend register as a member, once their friend register via their invitation or their share link, this friend consider his downline


Merchant Registration Page
1) A page for merchant register
2) Since system collect the data, so that merchant can check the area he want to advertise have how many audience, like fb advertise feature
3) System will show a map, merchant can pin the map, or he able to key in location keyword, so system will show how many audience have on this area
4) Merchant can select parameter to filter audience, like age, race, gender, location, system will show the number of audience now left
5) After confirm the number of audience they want to send, they can a place to write message to send SMS
6) Use API to link telco to send SMS
7) After submit, will pop out check out
8) Once paid, SMS will send to waiting approval
9) Once approval, SMS will be sent
10) After sent, each member will get point, and his upline will get the same point too


Redemption Page
1) Member get One point when he received a sms, he get another point when his downline received a sms too, accumulate this point, they can go merchant to exchange discount voucher
2) A place to let merchant to key in detail that what product they allow member use point to redeem? How many point can redeem how many cash voucher?
3) Merchant have to set x1, x2, x3……x100, mean one point can exchange 1 dollar, or 2 dollar, up to 100 dollar
4) Member can login to check how many point they have, can do redemption page to check which merchant can exchange which items, which merchant have highest rate to exchange.
5) A page for merchant to redeem member point, key in point should be reduce, key in member mobile number, key in member password, redeem success.


so the system will have three user roles:
Admin (obviously)
End user

End user registers on website, enters his personal data, validates his account.
Merchant selects the audience/location, make payment, sense sms to the End users.
End user receives points for each sms he got; he can exchange these points for money; any Merchant can do this exchange, doesn't matter if he sends sms to this particular End user or not.


when the End user decides to exchange his points, he visits his profile, choses the Merchant, the amount of points, and receives sms with the unique code. When he comes to the Merchant's store, he tells the code to the Merchant and he enters it on his page. In this case User shouldn't use his mobile traffic for this. Besides, it might be easier to do on desktop than on mobile.

please read it properly, reply me if you have question, once clear all, please discuss with your team can give us good quotation


a) How do system define number of audience in any particular area? is it the audience who is already registered on this platform or anybody?
>>Audience is register by themselve or
>>Superadmin upload their detail by manual.

b) Do the merchants need to write custom sms everytime or there will be any pre-built or saved templates?
>>We accept pre-build and templates. remember that their send sms, need superadmin to approve to prevent so fake info, for regurla merchant, superadmin can un-tick the option that call "Check Everytime", so next time onward they can direct send, direct delivery

c) Do the merchants need to pay everytime they want to send SMS? Or there is some fixed or recurring subscription feature?
>>Yes, we will set the price, may be some is join member, fix every single sms, or below 3000, every sms cost how much, 3001 to 5000, every sms cost how much like that. a bit flexi

d) What will be the payment gateway to be integrated?
>> Yes

e) I believe the receiver user will get the point once the sms is received. If so, then the upline will get same point too even when the sms is not sent to them? Please confirm? What about the downline?
>> A recommend B to join, A received sms, A get the point, call Point X (We differencial two type of point)
>> A recommend B to join, B received sms, B get point X, and A get the point Y, Point X mean direct earn, Point Y mean received point from donwline, only one level
>> B recommend C to join, C received sms, C get point X, and B get the point Y, A get nothing, Point X and Y can be others name, here we just for sample

Web document editor

  • Hourly - Entry Level (<$20.00 /hr)
  • Less than 1 months
  • Posted 2 years ago

Implementation of a web document editor component in React, compatible with 0.13.3v.

The component includes the following functions:
1- The basic options of a document editor such as Word (bold, italics, tabs, dots, insertion of links, images, etc.), see attachment.
2- Initial loading of an HTML as template or initial document and from there manage any type of editions.
2- Possibility to insert tags which should be transformed according to the corresponding data. There data will be a Json object that will contain tags, names and values.
3- Conversion of the result document into a PDF respecting the page breaks.
4- Build the first HTML template from a provided memory document.

Basically, the component would have as input data an HTML template and a Json data object. On the other hand, as the output we need the modified template, the data object and the PDF file corresponding to the result template together with the data of the already replaced tags.

Within the tags and corresponding values, they would have both texts, numbers and tables.

Custom dashboard programming to track visitor journey across several digital platforms

  • Hourly - Intermidate ($20.00 - $40.00 /hr)
  • 1 to 3 months
  • Posted 2 years ago

Essentially, there are two main goals of this project. The first is creating a dashboard that can be accessed by our clients and the second is tracking our audience across various forms of content and assigning them a rank based on what and how many pieces of content they consume.

A little background on us. We are a B2B news organization ( covering the telecom industry. Programs that our clients run through us include, webinar hosting, white paper promotion, featured sponsored articles on our website, dedicated email blasts, featured videos, event sponsorship.

For the dashboard, we would like our clients to have real-time access to performance of their programs. In a perfect world they would receive a login and we would assign active programs to their dashboard account. Below are all of the platforms use that we would like incorporated to the dashboard.

- Collect leads on white papers and recorded webinars - In the dashboard we would need it setup to where we simply enter the form ID and it pulls all leads in automatically allowing the client to download a spreadsheet directly. Hopefully we can have it automatically remove any duplicates
- Send dedicated emails - We would like stats to send automatically to the dashboard and have it pull from the email ID

- We host our webinars in Zoom and would need webinar registrants pulled to the dashboard based on the webinar ID. Just a note, before the webinar we direct to a Zoom registration page, after the webinar we direct to an Eloqua landing page

- All we would need to pull on this is total video views. I believe we could just pull in from the video ID.

- We host sponsored article through Wordpress. We would need to pull pageviews of specific articles, probably pulling from the URL

NUI Media
- This is our ad server. We would need stats on banners that we could pull from the campaign ID.

We hold an annual conference each year and we would like registrant information to show in the dashboard

The second part of the program will be focused around the visitor journey. Essentially we want to track visitors on our site and all of their actions and assign a weight to them. We will need to track everything above, but additionally we would need to track articles viewed in wordpress based on keyword and tags used. We will be creating a weighting system for us to use. For example, if a visitor views an article on topic X, clicks on a banner for client Y and downloads a white paper from client Y, they would have a higher rank than someone that just views a single article. We would provide our clients with the highest ranked visitors relative to their content. We would also need to incorporate job titles and industry to the weighting formula as well.

Office365 and Azure Remote Management

  • Hourly - Expert (>$40.00 /hr)
  • More than 6 <br>months
  • Posted 2 years ago

We are looking for an experienced developer who can work with the API available from Microsoft to manage Office365 and Azure Solution and Subscriptions.