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Google FIT compatible smartwatch website for elderly health tracking

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  • Posted 2 weeks ago

Work description

I want you to create a companion app and a website for google fit compatible smartwatches to extract health data from said smartwatches and store them in google fit cloud. Your created app should be able to present said google fit data in charts and warn smartwatch user and/or app/website user that any specific health statistic is abnormal (way too high/low than normal).
The idea is to create Google fit compatible smartwatch system for elderly home patients which sends smartwatch gathered health data to Google FIT cloud where doctors can look at through it in your created app and website. The data can be viewed in various forms such as weekly or monthly statistics or each individual statistics of that day or even of that hour.

I. Smartwatch that collect health data from elderly patients.

II. Data collection hotspot. I will collect data when elderly patient get near it and send it to google fit cloud. This hotspot could be integrated into app which way the nurse could come and collect the data using smartphone or table. Or smartwatch can send the data itself when connecting with Wi-Fi.

III. Google FIT cloud which will help to store collected data in it’s database and get raw health data from smartwatch which wen can be shown in app and website as overtime health statistical graphs.

IV. App and website which can access smartwatch data in Google FIT cloud and show it in graph form. App and website should be able to track said data and warn the app and website user and/or smartwatch wearer that specific health stat is way too high/low.

For this you will need to complete these challenges:
1. Find suitable Google fit compatible smartwatch brand and model which accurately tracks various health statistics that are relevant for elderly as well as it is capable of sending data through Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or any other data transfer method. (I recommend Xiaomi Mi Band 4)

2. Create an app that will display collected data as well as send the data to the cloud storage. App itself should be able to access the cloud storage and display older data, from 1 day up to a month interval or more. This will be used to show possible changes in patient’s health.

3. Create or use Google FIT cloud data storage.

4. Create a website that will showcase collected information in the same vein as the app. Website and the app have to have individual patient tracking as well as it should be able to group up people (such as a ward) to look at their data together or separately without login in on other accounts

5. The app and the website have to follow GDPR requirements as this project is done in Europe.

6. Use additional smartwatch functions that would be relevant for elderly care such as GPS tracking, sleep tracking, SOS button and so on…

This project will be used by elderly care institutions to monitor elderly patient’s health parameters over time to see any changes (good or bad) as well as encourage them to exercise and improve their mental state about their health.

Freelance Work

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Freelance work

Adaptive Insights

  • Hourly - Intermidate ($20.00 - $40.00 /hr)
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  • Posted 3 weeks ago

Adaptive Insights implementations


  • Hourly - Intermidate ($20.00 - $40.00 /hr)
  • 3 to 6 months
  • Posted 3 weeks ago

I am working on a project which description can be found at a wix site under construction and needing professional assistance (yours?). On the marketplace we will start with two sites/stores. So, I am talking about a joint proposal for 4 jobs and one condition:

1. Completion and repair the wix site or similar according to your suggestion
2. Prepare MVP and progress to completion of Ideal-CC Marketplace
3. Build a Drones site/store on the Marketplace. That will include landing page with access to a drone flying game or virtual flying exercise plus blog, forum services and store
4. Build a crowdfarming platform/site where people can buy a tree go to their account to visit their tree and follow development and farming operations.

Proposal: Please note that to be awarded this job You must understand what is Ideal-cc and to believe it is a good feasible project where you would like to work while it lasts. Therefore in addition to the development job I would expect you to be responsible for the maintenance and technical supervision in the company. Under these conditions I invite you to accept being my partner as technical co-founder. You will no need to make any financial investment.
Because these are projects of mine with different people for each one, I would appreciate a separate proposal for each job and a joint proposal for all.

Creative frontend dev with WP theme dev (5+ years) experience for creating a custom WordPress theme.

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  • Posted 3 weeks ago

We are looking for a creative frontend developer with a lot of WordPress theme development (5+ years) experience. We’ve designed a fullscreen (container-fluid) website with many animations.

The design is ready and provided with comments. The design can be viewed here: (link removed)

You should create a free figma account to see the comments: (link removed)/
Do not click on the checkmark when viewing a comment. This will hide the comment for others!
On the top left side you can switch to the mobile designs.

Developer requirements:
Proven experience with Sage 8.6.0 or 9.0.9
Experience with GSAP (TweenMax)
Expert Frontend experience
Expert in CSS/JS animations
Expert WordPress experience
Expert in English communication.
Create the theme as DRY as possible
Make sure that you build the theme in a modular way

WordPress theme requirements:
Theme built with Sage 8.6.0 or Sage 9.0.9

Use bootstrap as HTML/CSS framework.

We take care of the theme setup. You continue to build on our basis. This implies:
- That we install all basic plugins
- This means that we also install ACF pro. But not only that, we also create all fields that appear in the theme.
- We create all custom post types.

Limit plugin use as much as possible
- Discuss all the plugins that you want to install in advance

Multilingual through the use of PolyLang pro (this plugin is provided).
- The main language is English
- The second language is Dutch

Important notes:
Each field should be checked with: !empty($field_value) → when there is no value present the layout should adapt and still be ok to view on the frontend.

Project deadline:
One month after the assignment started

JavaScript libraries to be used in the theme:
AOS.js for all scroll animations
(link removed)

Fittext.js makes font-sizes flexible. You may use this on the big footer links
(link removed)

Image hover reveal effects
(link removed)
Use effect version 3 (link removed)

Slick carousel for all carousel/sliders
(link removed)

Scrollmagic for scroll triggers
(link removed)/

GSAP tweenmax
We have an GSAP account which we will share in time.

These pages must be built:
An intro animation page as soon as someone approaches the website. It doesn't matter which page you visit.
Pre-loader between pages. For example:
If you go to the about page from the home page we want to use a pre-loader so all content is nicely placed and loaded before viewing the page.
Full screen menu
Services page
Cases overview page
Single case page
- With multiple flexibele blocks (inside a ACF-repeater)
About page
Contact page

Ingredients Glossary

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  • Posted 3 weeks ago

Hired Frankie for Ingredients Glossary for skincare brand.

Shipping Calculator for Neto

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  • Posted 3 weeks ago

setup support for AusPost & Couriers Please shipping methods

Kbd automation

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  • Posted 3 weeks ago

Setup automation on my website as well as my social media sites inorder to capture emails as well as drive leads to schedule appt and purchase membership

Merchandise Website Creation

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  • Posted 3 weeks ago

We are looking to have a merchandise distribution website made.
The website has a list of required features alongside images of the layout. Please send your credidentials and we shall send them all through.
Brief overview:
users to upload images onto products. (T-shirt Builder)
users to create custom store pages/Blog/Layout/Products
users to accept payments, choose pricing
Payment accounting
custom user page creation
User Dashboard/analytics
Admin/Dashboard Analytics
Contact/Sub Options

Adaptive neural network model

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  • Posted 3 weeks ago

For the pre-established neural network model (see files in attached), it is required to :
- Add an adaptive learning method so as to adapt for the abrupt changes of the process, methods can be : Just in time (JIT), moving window (MW) or recurrent methods.
- Use multivariate outlier identification and elimination method to keep clean data to train the neural network model