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Integration to Agilysis PMS / LMS

  • Hourly - Intermidate ($20.00 - $40.00 /hr)
  • 3 to 6 months
  • Posted 4 weeks ago

Integration to Agilysis PMS - Need a experienced developer who has worked with Agilysis PMS (LMS /rGuest) and understands the environment to develop an integration to the PMS to allow Folio access (Read / Write). Need to be able to query the folio for Guest information and then post back changed to their hotel folio ro enable a single checkout with all of their additional charges incurred at the Spa (for example).

Product Development using Bubble

  • Hourly - none (none)
  • None
  • Posted 4 weeks ago

The project is about Logistics & Deliveries for eCommerce, Route-based orders delivery using Smart lockers. Our clients are eBusiness Owners who want to have their orders delivered to their customers. So from a technical point of view, we have 3 actors ( Client, who is the business owner ) and ( Consumer, the consignee of the order ) and ( Company Staff, Picker will pick & drop ).

The main idea we enable clients to submit their orders online and drop it off to the nearest Locker (which we have done the software already for lockers management with RESTFUL API ),
and then our staff ( Pickers will go and pick the orders up from the lockers ) and drop it off to the consignee nearest lockers.

We want to launch our MVP as early as possible, that’s why we will use Bubble.
the system we want to build has more than 5 upcoming versions but for the first version only a few functions we want to make.

Please find the attached files to know more about the wireframe we made.

Smart home hub interface

  • Hourly - Entry Level (<$20.00 /hr)
  • Less than 1 months
  • Posted 1 month ago

We are working on a smart home hub based on an open source code that runs on a Raspberry Pi.
We need a front end developer to implement the following:
- integration with a free weather service ( A coresponding card should be created to display the forecast for the next 3 (or more?) days.
- google maps integration in order to be able to calculate the time between 2 places. A corresponding card should be created to show the time travel between 2 places. The user should be able to choose on map the 2 places (from to where).
- Implement a theme with a nice look and feel (like this one: , but with better contrast). We can talk here about colors.
- Security card with the following options: Armed/Disarmed (Home/Away etc) where I should be able to modify the sensors list for which the alarm will go on. See this example: -

Here is the ddocumentation for developers for the open source software that we are using:

Multiplatform Cordova UI (MVP v0.1)

  • Hourly - Intermidate ($20.00 - $40.00 /hr)
  • Less than 1 months
  • Posted 1 month ago

Prototype mobile app targeted for ios, android and web

Technology in mind is Apache Cordova ( which would allow generation of multiple target devices.
Expected ios and android (we can discuss versions and screen resolutions)
Nice to have is web browser client application (Open for discussion of scope)

The app will show a map in full screen (similar to apps like google maps, zillow, uber, etc)

The service to be used as source of maps can be discussed, the option I’m considering so far is google maps.

First prototype version of the app will:
- Login integration to facebook, instagram and google (some others might be considered)
- Detect user location and center the map on it
- Allow zoom in and zoom out
- Allow dragging and moving the map around
- Get a list of point of interests using a provided rest service and show markers on the map
- Click on a marker, retrieve a list of posts (images and text messages) from a provided rest service and show them allowing vertical scrolling
- Allow the user to post a picture, a text entered by the user and the coordinates of the location to a provided rest service.

Deliverable would contain:
- All rights and sources
- Source code
- Unit tests code
- Build scripts:
.Build ios artifacts
.Build android artifacts
.Build web artifacts
.Tests executions
- High level documentation
.Description of project organization
.High level design diagram
.How to build for each platform
.How to debug
.How to execute tests

Here we have a tentative plan for this first stage of the project, I would like to share it with you and get your thoughts

1- Project structure
Main folder structure
Initial build scripts
Basic home page with dummy menu
Google map page view, center map on user location, move map around dragging, zoom in and zoom out
2- Get a list of point of interests using a provided rest service and show markers on the map
3- Click on a marker, retrieve a list of posts (images and text messages) from a provided rest service and show them allowing vertical scrolling
4- Allow the user click/tap on a map on the location, then post a picture and a text sending it along with the coordinates of the location to a provided rest service
5- Facebook integration (register and login)
6- Instagram integration (register and login)
Google integration (register and login)


Deliverable would contain:
.Source code
.Unit tests code (target for basic test, 20% coverage)
.Build scripts:
Build ios artifacts
Build android artifacts
Build web artifacts
.Tests executions
.High level documentation
Description of project organization
High level design diagram
How to build for each platform
How to debug
How to execute tests
.Demo for ios, android and web for each stage

Setup AppMaker

  • Hourly - none (none)
  • None
  • Posted 1 month ago

Hi Sergey
Per discussions, I would like you to setup AppMaker for me, connected with the CloudSQL database, so that I can start experimenting and evaluating the software for my purposes.
We agreed this will be a fixed price piece of work - 1 hour @ $20.
Please advise what information you need from me to deliver this assignment.
Many thanks

Fully functional Bet365 clone website

  • Hourly - none (none)
  • None
  • Posted 1 month ago

We are looking for a Bet365 clone with full feed (all games of Bet365) for implementation in a country network of sports cafes

Business Time Line

  • Hourly - Entry Level (<$20.00 /hr)
  • Less than 1 week
  • Posted 1 month ago

Design and create new and unique time line for website and mobile device to enable images and content to be displayed as case studies or time line entries spanning 5 decades and multiple industries, projects and performances.

Casa Collections Expense Tracker App

  • Hourly - none (none)
  • None
  • Posted 1 month ago

Objective: Create an app in iOS and Android to help keep track of daily expenses / petty cash.
Inspiration: Splitwise – app used to track expenses and then split by person.
Requirements: User-friendly (like Splitwise), offline use (nice to have but not necessary if
difficult), data sent and stored in cloud, downloadable reporting in csv or xlsx. Each expense
entered requires the following information: amount, category, property, description, currency
(nice to have but not necessary).
Categories: Aires, Apartment Furnishings, Commission, Construccion, Dist. Cash, Bebida
Alimenticia, Housekeeping, Llaves, Miscellaneous, Office Supplies, Registration Fee,
Reparacion y Mantenimiento, Transporte, Utilities, Staff Salary, Advance
Default currency as COP
Categories selected with pre-determined keywords. (i.e. Transport would be pre-seletcted for
keywords: Taxi Truck, Bus.

Document Management System (DMS)

  • Hourly - none (none)
  • None
  • Posted 1 month ago

I am looking to create a web-based document management system for an AI platform. The functionality I am looking for is similar to EndNote9 or Qiqqa managing free text, .doc, .pdf and image documents.

Development of Web Meetings Scheduler

  • Hourly - none (none)
  • None
  • Posted 1 month ago

Scheduler to arrange meetings in the University