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Proxy script needed to create proxies on microsoft azure

  • Hourly - Entry Level (<$20.00 /hr)
  • Less than 1 week
  • Posted 1 month ago

I need a script that can mass create intsances on a website called microsoft azure. The website has an api doc which you can refer. Once created, the script will then proceed to squid install the vps so they can become proxies. The script also need to be able to mass delete the instances once done and have an ability to set a time as to when the proxies will be deleted such as 24 hours after the creation. Furthermore , if it is possible , split the proxies into different groups such as 50 proxies into group 1 and another 25 proxies into group 2 ( I think this can be avoided by just listing the proxies that are created into a txt file so i can just refer to it when i need it and dont get confused with other proxies )

Note : I do not mind any language the script is written , you can write the language u prefer or are comfortable with :D

E commerce assistance

  • Hourly - none (none)
  • None
  • Posted 1 month ago

Two Projects so far.
1) To disable dates & automatically add stock back after the 3 day hire on client hire dates and not when they place order.
2) I have some canapé trays that double up for other uses & I'd like to know if there's a way to block out the trays if they are ordered under a different product name. So if I have 10 light boxes but the 5 white bases are ordered on a different product page can the light boxes stock reduce down to showing 5 in stock?

Need a Drupal designer

  • Hourly - Intermidate ($20.00 - $40.00 /hr)
  • Less than 1 week
  • Posted 1 month ago

I am looking for someone to help with the UX/UI testing of our backend of our website.

Graphic Design for News website

  • Hourly - Entry Level (<$20.00 /hr)
  • Less than 1 months
  • Posted 1 month ago

Socrates is a news website that is looking to help every citizen make well-informed actions after consciously assessing what they read.

We're looking for a graphic designer and UI designer to help create a visually appealing and engaging experience for Socrates that includes web pages, browser extensions and advertising units. This project will begin with graphic design but has the ability to roll into later projects involving UI/UX design and web development.

Phase 1 - Deliverables needed:
- Homepage design

Special skills desired but not required for this project:
- Advanced knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, InVision

In your proposal, please provide a one- or two-paragraph summary of your design experience and why you'd be a great fit for this work.
Have you worked on designing other news products in the past?
Also include three relevant samples that show your best design work and creativity.

This phase has a 10 hour limit and the budget 100 USD.

If successful, phase 2 will be discussed further.

Stripe integration

  • Hourly - none (none)
  • None
  • Posted 1 month ago

you already know

Real Time Photo Audio Calling Dating Site

  • Hourly - Intermidate ($20.00 - $40.00 /hr)
  • 1 to 3 months
  • Posted 1 month ago

Make it mobile and desktop friendly

1) Users should not match with someone they had before
2) Users seeking long romance should not match with users seeking casual meetup
3) Free users can match with 3 call sessions per 24 hours, and cannot cheat with new facebook accounts.
$14 per month for unlimited matches.

4) Users can click report. 3 reports in one minute automatically bans the reported user.
5) Automatic location detection. Prompt and ask if they allow location detection and to use their mobile phone's audio gear.
6) Visit to see how it works. But, instead of video, it's photo displays and audio calling
7) Make any changes to design, if needed.

8) Give me the source code in entirety, so I can back up the whole thing. You may be contacted for future assignments
9) Don't require additional software like wowza or adobe.
10) Let me monitor usage so I know when I need to upgrade the media server.
11) All login must be through Facebook , Twitter, or Google less
. and

1) The "Start Using for Free" button should popup a Facebook, Twitter, Google login button. They only sign in through these three.
When signed in, they should see the profile & settings page. The profile and settings page should be invisible, until signed in.
I only made it visible to all, for the sake of showing you. The website should not be showing profile and settings page, until they log in.

They will get to upload up to 3 photos, and decide to set their name, and go premium, or cancel premium membership.

2) The "Start Photocall" button at Profile and Settings page should redirect the user to the Live Match page.
Design should look prettier than I gave you, if possible. I am just giving the draft idea.

3) Upgrade to premium button should pop open a payment page, where they are taken to paypal's payment page, where they can use their debit or credit, or paypal account.

For usage level monitoring, so I can know when to upgrade media server capacity

Just show how much is being used, and how close it is to maximum, or if you don't know the maximum, just show
how many TB of bandwidth was used that day

Developer for P2P automation through Codeless Platform

  • Hourly - Intermidate ($20.00 - $40.00 /hr)
  • Less than 1 months
  • Posted 1 month ago

We need an individual to develop automated P2P services based on a detailed functional design through Codeless Platform.

Developer needed for proxy creation and management script

  • Hourly - Entry Level (<$20.00 /hr)
  • Less than 1 months
  • Posted 1 month ago

I need a proxy creation script and manager for a Dedicated Linux Server that has the following:
- Uses multiple provided IPs (Either IPv4 or IPv6) to create proxies (i.e. Allot a specific number of Proxies to multiple users using the pool of IPs provided)
- Works on Datacenter Dedicated Servers.
- Ability to create proxies can be authorized by both IP Authentication or User:Pass for Users
- Has API Request functionality to Authorize/Unauthorize a User's IP
- API functionality will allot different sets of proxies with different Customer IDs that allows the user to view their proxy list and change their IP Authorized IP

Has a dashboard that allows the following (See Attachment):
- Allows my company to easily create the proxies with a push of button (i.e. If my customer needs 10 Proxies, the dashboard needs to do this: I can type the number of proxies that I need generated, the User:Pass and IP Authorization and it then will prompt me with the proxies [Randomized] with randomized ports in a text file so that I can send them to my customer) with the customer ID used for API integration.

Will be a plus if you have an ip pool or know of someone with an ip pool that i can tap upon for my proxies ! Chicago location only.

Looking for a developer to build a Shopify website for a fashion brand.

  • Hourly - Intermidate ($20.00 - $40.00 /hr)
  • Less than 1 months
  • Posted 1 month ago

Easy to navigate
Clean, premium design
some customisation may be required
We will be starting with approx 16 products. Design and copy have already been built out, but we'd welcome design input. We are looking for a very clean, premium look and feel and a seamless checkout process.

Designer needed to design landing pages and templates using instapage.

  • Hourly - Intermidate ($20.00 - $40.00 /hr)
  • Less than 1 months
  • Posted 2 months ago

We are looking to run multiple landing page tests using instapage. We need a a designer that can help us produce designs, html/css and be able to hit our back end through an API, to create the functional landing pages that are aligned with the goals of each test. Our traffic is heavily mobile, so responsive design is a must.

Please send portfolio work when applying.

Project scope:
Weekly we send our email list a "bundle package deal". Often this deal will sell out and the SKU we built will go "out of stock". We need to build a landing page for this deal and also shows additional "bundle deals" that the user could purchase if the deal goes out of stock.

-Use Instapage to build landing page
- Design responsive landing page that displays multiples deals (2-4)
- Instapage should hit our inventory API to display if a deal is Out of stock and change deal image appropriately.