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Audio setup under linux

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  • Posted 1 week ago

Audio setup under linux

Animal Biometrics

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  • Posted 1 week ago

Study horse stride and gait.

Amazon Flex Script

  • Hourly - Intermidate ($20.00 - $40.00 /hr)
  • 1 to 3 months
  • Posted 2 weeks ago

Need a programmer who knows about:

Need to create a web server for catching Amazon flex blocks

I will pay $400

Please contact me for more info.

Android background service development

  • Hourly - Intermidate ($20.00 - $40.00 /hr)
  • Less than 1 months
  • Posted 2 weeks ago

# Android background service description
## Project description
We have a mobile app where it is possible to chromecast videos.
App is made in Xamarin-Forms and is using LibVLCSharp. The library is working fine for both playing videos inside app and chromecasting videos to external screen.

## Problem
Problem is when app is going to the background when app is chromecasting a video, video will be disconnected after some time. This could be 2 min or maybe 20 min. But video chromecast will be disconnected. On iOS this is handled for now, but on Android we have this problem. Our videos may last for 3 hours and it is not acceptable that user cannot use her device while chromecasting in the meantime or let the device go into sleep mode.

## Feature
On Android we need to create a background service that will continue chromecasting video while app is in background or device is in battery safe mode (screen is off). It should be possible to continue chromecast for as long as video last (more that 3 hours).

The official VLC Android player is capable of this and we have been told from the maintainers of that app, that a background service is used. So we know it is possible to do.

* Accept-Criteria: Chromecast will continue to end of movie, both when app is in foreground and background on Android
* Accept-Criteria: Device can go into battery save mode (screen off) without stopping chromecast on Android
* Accept-Criteria: It should be possible to retrieve phonecalls on device without disconnecting chromecast on Android
* Accept-Criteria: It should be possible to use other apps (ex Facebook, twitter etc) without disconnecting chromecast on Android

## Qualifications for the job
* You need to be experienced in Android app development and know about background services.
* You should be able to retrieve required information from the official VLC-Android repository and VlcSharp repository.
* You should be able to test and chromecast a demo app for prove of concept.
* It would be nice if you also can work in a C# environment , but not required. We will help to migrate your code to Xamarin Forms if necessary.

### Other
You will be working with a Xamarin-Forms demo app or you have to create an android app yourself for demo purposes. We can deliver link to a long movie.

[VideoLAN / LibVLCSharp · GitLab](
[VideoLAN / VLC-Android · GitLab](

### Payment
You need to tell us what you want in payment to do the task for us. We will pay a fixed price for the task and not an hourly wage (we will know in advance what it costs to get the job done). We will only pay if all the acceptance criteria are met. We are willing to pay whatever it cost as long as you are meeting the acceptance criteria.

What do you want in payment (fixed price) to solve this task for us and how fast can you deliver?

Corel template editor

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  • Posted 2 weeks ago

Corel editir

Custom Development

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  • Posted 2 weeks ago

Full stack development including a Hadoop database.

Writing a python-bash script

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  • Posted 2 weeks ago

script to automate the creation of VMs according to the number of nodes.

Android game like to

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  • Posted 2 weeks ago

The final deliverable is the android game and related backed
I am looking for a full stack freelancer with good android app development skills.
I require a game similar to but as a native android app
the app do not need any bitcoin or crypto currency related functionality

Basic flow
1. User account
2. gameplay
3. maintain leaderboard
4. ingame coins to play the game
5. ingame chat with other players
6. Social accounts integration

more features for later versions

Looking for Junior Java Developer

  • Hourly - Intermidate ($20.00 - $40.00 /hr)
  • More than 6 <br>months
  • Posted 2 weeks ago

• Overall experience 7 years
• Spring Boot, JPA, Java 1.8, Oracle PL/SQL
• Good understanding with Design patterns
• Hands on coding experience.
Nice to Have:
No SQL DB(Mongo or any other), Rabbit MQ/Apache Kafka, ELK Stack

Ecommerce designer and manager

  • Hourly - Intermidate ($20.00 - $40.00 /hr)
  • More than 6 <br>months
  • Posted 3 weeks ago

We are looking for a freelancer that is able to design, develop and maintain a website for e-commerce. The website has to be design in WordPress, and SEO optimized.

The project will be handle by weekly and monthly milestones and goals; with this project, we aim to increase the profitability of our products and the awareness of our brands.

If you are interested in taking part of this project, and maximize your ecommerce skills, here is what you will be doing:

1. Create a roadmap and strategy using reachable goals and milestones, that will be the project blueprint during its development.
2. Design and create an outstanding online store in WordPress.
3. Develop the SEO optimization for the store
4. Keyword creation for domain selection.
5. Update and improve the store as needed to increase profitability
6. Create and manage different channels to drive as much traffic as possible to the online store in order to generate revenue.
7. Create sales funnels.

Requirements for the position:
- WordPress Expert with knowledge in multisite development
- Knowledge in Shopify, Woo commerce and other e-commerce platforms
- SEO expertise for On-site and Off-site optimization.
- Content creation experience
- Social media management experience
- Project management experience.
- Fluent in English
- Knowledge of Spanish, German, and French languages as bonus skills.
- UX and UI as bonus skills


The budget for this project will be estimated by the freelancer in the roadmap and strategy that will be agreed with us, according to the budget is required for the developing and management of the strategy.
Remuneration details will be agreed with the freelancer once the candidate has been selected to continue with the hiring process.

Candidates interested in taking part of this project, are encouraged to apply by sending their resume and cover letter to [email protected] with the answer to the following questions:

1. Can you please send us 1 - 3 links to WordPress websites, Wordpress MultiSite websites, that you have created as an expert and you consider would describe the best your skills? Can you please explain the reason for your selection? And how long have you been working on them?
2. Would you agree to work milestone-based?
3. How would you drive traffic to a fresh new online store?
4. As an SEO expert, can you please tell us which of the following tasks can you do by yourself and for which of the following tasks you would need support to develop?
Website design, development and testing
Content creation, On-page and Off-page SEO, Social media management, Sales funnel, development, review and optimization, Campaign setup, optimization and monitoring (PPC)
Project management and reporting
KPI setup and result estimation
5. Are you interested in a long term business relationship? or by project?