Wordpress website Developer needed for creating a responsive Website like Uber (Platform Completion)

Web Developement Posted 2 months ago

job Length
Less than 1 week

Project Length

job experience

I am willing to pay higher rates for the most experienced freelancers

I will need my website /app to do these things (this is similar to UBER)
A full service application that is connected to the front end of my website that will manage the following and have the following features:

Customers platform
1. A payment service for customers
2. Customers sign back in to view previous bookings
3. Customers can also view who their previous therapist was
4. An email template/notification for both customers and therapists and administration
5. Customers to receive receipt with all the information I will provide
6. . customers can create a profile
7. you will be able to transfer all my clients’ info to whatever new system you build

Therapist platform
1.Earnings dashboard - therapist can view their 75% weekly generated revenue
2.Calendar Feature - therapist can manage their availability
3. A dashboard/app for therapists showing the booking information
4.therapist to receive info via email or text for all booking
5.An email template/notification for both customers and therapists
6. A wallet function that could allow for payroll arrangements
7.therapist can create a profile

Booking system
Should be able to pick location
.Pick treatment
pick duration of treatment
pick day and time ( this should be filtered down to the therapist available for that day and the time
pick therapist ( this should be filtered down to the therapist available for that day and the time
customers will create account and insert
address, phone number etc
customer can sign in
All therapist availability should pop up for whatever day and time is picked is picked
booking system to be connected to therapist profile

everything on the website shpuld still be working by the time you are done, eg become a therapist application, therapist profile, treatment page. and every other form on the website should be working as well

all the booking tabs on all the pages should be working as well

webapp- website looks good on laptop and on phone.

I highly recommend that you visit these two sites to ensure consistency and clarity of the work you are about to do:
visit (urbanmassage.com and follow their workflow
visit mindbody to understand the offerings and how the functionalities are connected. this is what i am currently using

I currently I have a website on wordpress but the booking system is not working the way I want it to with the current plugin I got from late point.

You will not have to build a website

If you have any questions regarding the information above, kindly reach out to me asap!