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Here is a list of items I would like to have completed:

1. Add Flower Chix | Funeral Flowers Calgary address / phone / email to all automated emails / invoices sent (i.e. for New Order, Processing, etc.):

Flower Chix | Funeral Flowers Calgary
#107, 1919 Southland Drive SW
Calgary, AB T2W 0K1
403-984-4260 www.flowerchix.com

2. When using “backend” order entry system, have shipping default to $15 which can be overridden based on shipping address. It currently defaults to $0 on the backend system.

3. Show Shipping to information on 1) New Order, 2) Processing Order, 3) Completed Order and 4) Customer Invoice / Order Details automated emails

4. Add Delivery Time to online and backend order entry system with two options: before _ _:_ _ o’clock or after _ _:_ _ o’clock (one or both can be selected to give time frame for delivery)

5. Add Shipping Phone Number field to “backend” order entry system

6. Change Delivery Date field on backend order entry system to a calendar field rather than a text field.

7. Add “Phone” as a selection for Order Type.

8. Add a custom field for all orders (online, POS and Phone) that can specify the type of order:

a. Wedding / Funeral / Retail / Corporate

This will be filled out by Flower Chix staff when completing the order, not by the customer when placing the order. This will be a mandatory field.

9. Changes to PDF Invoice:
a. Add Customer Provided Note to PDF Invoice (top half of sheet)
b. Add Card Message to PDF Invoice (top half of sheet)
c. Add Delivery Time to PDF Invoice (top half of sheet and on bottom right quadrant “delivery tag”

10. Automatically print PDF Invoice when order status changes from Pending Payment to Processing