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Posted 2 months ago

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We seek a user interface for our trademark database that we have created. The architecture for it is attached. We seek a professional looking, and easy-to-use interface to be ready for publication online. Part of the interface will include a chat feature as in the attached mockup.

We have a REST API. This REST API as it currently stands is able to retrieve data as JSON. It returns report/chart specific information, as well as general queries, i.e. search a trademark with N field + criteria.

What exactly is a chart/report?

For every chart and/or data table being displayed, there is a corresponding REST API call to retrieve that data for report X User Y, etc. The API for reports expect a User ID and a report ID and there are CRUD interfaces to add a new report, etc. General queries do not require this. We have documentation that maps each page .

Furthermore, there is a CRUD like interface for the application to add additional reports per User, hence the report id user id mapping. The user does have to supply some data for it to work but once they are ok with the settings, the idea is this queues an async batch processed job that runs in the backend (postgres in our case) that generates the user specific report.

We are going to handle the backend data API, but this job might require you to possibly work out something on how authentication/sessions will be handled, since angular can do some of this.

We have not implemented any kind of authentication layer and would ask for that to be included as well.

No authentication is occurring at the moment but we are ok with choosing what is easiest to develop in angular.

We have the SQL queries mapped already with the JSON REST API so it has a proper data access layer.

In summary we do have an API and it should provide your application with all the trademark data it needs.

Please feel free to ask any questions.