System to handle documents, scheduling, alerting, research for law offices

Web Developement Posted 2 months ago

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1 to 3 months

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System is designed to manage all documentation for many legal cases with many attorneys within same office. Wide web presence is not needed. VPN access should be OK.
The users will be able to:
1.1. upload, download, print, OCR, search, Cross-reference, package and research the documents stored in the system
1.2. get prepared (provide required documents) for legal Events like Hearing, Depositions … according to the time limits imposed by the Court rules and procedures (these values will be uploaded into activity_requirements table)
1.3. Be able to estimate time for the required activities to ensure resource availability.
1.4.Produce alerts when the deadlines to an activity is approaching.
1.5. Produce time log for further billing
1.6. The system should have web access with secure authentication by the username and password as well as client’s computer from which the session started.
1.7. The System will have ability to auto-generate appropriate template-based legal forms to assist attorneys in preparing the documents.
1.8. The System will be able to have a library with legal cases and provide the search capability among the case law to help attorneys in working on relevant cases.
1.9. It should be able to use appropriate APIs (if available) to get the filing information from relevant court houses.