Seeking React rest and firebase developer with with e-commerce experience

Ecommerce Developement Posted 9 months ago

job Length
1 to 3 months

Project Length

job experience

I am willing to pay higher rates for the most experienced freelancers

I want to create a complete replica of the following website .Pleae use my login to peruse the site.

1-Must use React Redux ,firestone firebase to create the replica of
2- Apply Objected oriented programming principles like inheritance and polymorphism. The replica of must inherit all of its properties and behaviors but as a replica child it must also have special properties and behaviors of its own.So feel free free to be creative with the look and the frontend but retain all the test engine features and behaviors.
3-Replicate all the test banks .
4-Create new test banks with test Providers .
5-Allow test providers to easily add new test banks from the backend of the app.
6-Allow login as test taker and test provider in backend and frontend.
7-Add more features to the replica.Example:Provide tests and exams of various areas of expertise. ranging from driving tests to science and technology.Allow the test engine to pull the right test banks based on test taker choice from a menu and submemu tree..add a feature called Become a test provider.Create a user friendly backend interface for test providers to create new test banks and get paid fees for creating a new test bank .Allow the test engine to function as a marketplace of test banks with ratings for each test bank provider based on customers satisfaction reviews.So for example if someone is doing CCNA or CCNP they can shop for test banks based on 5 stars for guaranteed pass.
Stars going from 0 to 5. Test banks that guarantee a Pass to a student of any test or exam using the Replica testing features from
8-BUILD A template for tracking and managing this project from requirements to completion.Build a board for replica features .(List of current features.add a new feature or mark a feature as being built being tested and done .Build a board for a board for tests(Unit test ,Integration test etc)Build a board for test providers.
9-Use Platform and API to add a e a link to a store somewhere on the navigational bar that opens to a store selling equipment and accessories and things related to the test banks.(Knowledge books for IT and science test banks that might link directly to amazon or udemy,Lynda or other educational providers.Cars or bikes or accessories related to driving