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I've tried to flesh out a lot more details in the attached documents. The Overall Specs.docx has all the details with what I want to do. Which are basically

1. Plant Controller
2. Data Logger
3. Router
4. All of these accessible via a web interface

The pdf image I have gives a generic overview of this - but I didn't update that after writing these more comprehensive specifications, so don't look to the text too much in that. The details for the plant controller requirements are also specified in the Duke folder, then the modbus folder has some details and modbus mappings which we start with. Please take a look, it's even a bit more likely than what I'd talked about adding previously - so please look over everything and give me an estimate on the total cost at $25/hr you believe it would take to accomplish all of this - and of course that you can accomplish all of this or if there are pieces you don't know how to do and wouldn't be able to (I do want to be sure we don't start and then partway through come across one of these sections that we'll need to have someone else do).