I need a web portal / interface creating for customers & designers to be able to interact.

Web Developement Posted 5 months ago

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I am looking for a simple portal or interface to be built, that can be accessed by our customers to submit instructions & files to our freelance designers. Our designers can then interact back with our clients until their designs are completed.

The reason for the portal is so that details such as the senders email address and freelancers email address would remain hidden from each other.

The customer would need to be able to type instructions & upload files to send to the designer to use. Likewise the freelancer would be able to do the same & also forward a completed design to us for manufacturing.

In essence this is just like sending an email to each other but not seeing each others email addresses. All our designer would see is the customers name & all the customer would see is the designers first name / our business name.

The customer would only be able to access the portal using a code we give them, which would expire after a certain time period.

The customer & designer would get a notification by phone or email when there has been an update to look at.

We as the administrator would have full visibility over the conversation history.

We could add or remove customers / designers as the administrator & be able to delegate who to send work to depending on the customers initial instructions.

Once the completed design file had been sent to us by the designer, we can purge / delete or archive the conversation history between the client / designer, as a means to keep storage space on the portal down.

In terms of the aesthetics of the portal, it could simply be white with our branding on & a few basic instructions that were visible when the customer logs in. It would be ideal if we could update the aesthetics of the interface as and when (at a future date).

We would need to discuss the best and most cost effective way of hosting this.

It must be mobile & desktop compatible.