Apple Watch App for Emergency Alerting and Short-term Activity Reporting

Posted 1 month ago

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This project is to develop a native Swift-based Apple Watch app with the following features [2 week project, 30 hrs a week, $20/hr; total budget $1200 with potential for $300 bonus upon successful app store submission on my Apple ID] :

1) One click export of biometric data for the day (i.e. 24 hours (or duration per admin configuration ) from SOS button push) by pushing it to a dropbox / Box/ google drive location
1.1) As such, the app must be possible to be coordinated with such a cloud location for depositing files or must have a companion iPhone app to allow such settings to be saved.

2) Simple "HELP" button which a user can push to alert a network of trusted contacts.
2.1) As such, the app should be allow the user to create such a trusted list of contacts or this must be feasible to be set up via a companion iPhone app.

Overall, the following are some more details on the implementation level being expected:
1. iPhone App (User Interface for configuring SOS contacts list etc. and the location to drop healthkit exports)
2. Apple Watch App
3. Admin Panel (Web Interface) for us to configure and track our users. [Can be Firebase or similar]

Key integrations expected:
- Integration of Push Notifications so the admin panel can issue a push notification to the users of the app (iPhone and Watch)
- Integration of GPS (ideally also integration of Google map navigation to the location of the user location) upon user triggering an SOS alert
- Creating & Integration of Web Services to export HealthKit datasets and GPS data on a regular basis (hourly or every 30 min etc. as set up on the admin panel, streaming data to a folder, organized by user and events, in CSV form).
- Heatlhkit time series visualizations in iPhone app and Watch [simple visualizations are OK]