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Electron Geometry Constraints

  • Hourly - Intermidate ($20.00 - $40.00 /hr)
  • Less than 1 months
  • Posted 2 days ago

I have an Electron APP which is a 3D scene for creating CAD Assemblies. I need to define some Geometry Constraints to control the relative movements of the components.

Beautiful Maps Test

  • Hourly - Entry Level (<$20.00 /hr)
  • Less than 1 week
  • Posted 4 days ago

Custom test for prospective freelancers.

Proposal without timetracking

  • Hourly - none (none)
  • None
  • Posted 4 days ago

Project 1. I'm interested in the Digital Telemedicine solution we discussed and keen to work with you on the project as our developer to integrate the different APIs and achieve the solution we seek. Project 2 is the other project we discussed which is Community Portal App

VueJS + Django REST Framework Content Management System

  • Hourly - Entry Level (<$20.00 /hr)
  • Less than 1 week
  • Posted 5 days ago

I just need a turn-key content management system build on VueJS 2 and Django REST Framework.

Scheduled posting
Multi-Image upload
JWT authentication

1PIE Phase 1.1

  • Hourly - none (none)
  • None
  • Posted 1 week ago

FrontEnd phase; BackEnd phase;
Primary sets of functional users,
1) basic login w/ individual goals profile
2) basic login + leading initiatives
3) basic login + affiliated entit(ies) *to reduce data sets/ save user time ideally can add APIs to integrate profile data for (US nonprofits); wango or others (global), or linkedIn company info for companies)

1 version untill 1st September - $1200

Developer need for creating an online marketplace for ready made corporate event

  • Hourly - none (none)
  • None
  • Posted 1 week ago

Looking for web developer to develop an online B2B marketplace that allow corporate customer to search availability, book and pay for curated ready-made corporate events in unique venues within 1.5 months.
User and venue owner dashboards and sign up. Please refer to the attachment for more detail product requirements and mock up. Only venue space owner that has been curated by admin will be allowed to post/edit listing. Admin should be able charge a commission fee, processing fee for each transactions. Event management tools such as guest list creation and management, digital invitation and reminder, and RSVP should be made available on the user dashboard after successful booking.

Before awarding the full project, the following should be produced (subject to client satisfaction):
- Home Page Design idea
- Written plan, proposal for the whole project

Add new inputs in an existing booking form

  • Hourly - none (none)
  • None
  • Posted 1 week ago

The purpose of this feature will be for events identified as having additional information to enter when booking a ticket, the system must save these entries to display them, save the data and export the data from the organizer's account in cvs format

Redesign of Website with Integrations

  • Hourly - Intermidate ($20.00 - $40.00 /hr)
  • More than 6 <br>months
  • Posted 1 week ago

My website will serve to sell online courses around my holistic approach to building a business and how to create a business plan. As part of the community aspect I will host a community of students on a forum/message board that is private for members only.

Project Step 1
Redesign the homepage and supporting pages. I have a wireframe design I can supply.

I am not sure if it is easier to alter an existing theme or to create one from scratch?
I want to have the flexibility to be able to change photos, text etc.. on the homepage as I want to test different things.

I currently have a theme installed from InkThemes that I paid for and own. We could alter it to fit the wireframe that have outlined?

I will be publishing articles in my blog which will serve to inform my community as well as be search engine optimized to attract people via organic search.

Paid Search
I will be creating different landing pages within the site for paid search campaigns to collect email addresses.

My Current Platform Stack

GoDaddy. I have the Business Grow Plan.
This plan gives us:
120 GB storage
3 CPUs
Unmetered traffic
Unlimited websites & databases

I host multiple websites on this plan, but none get significant traffic yet, so this plan should be good for a while.

The plan also gives us a standard SSL which the site has installed right now.

Currently installed is the latest version.

Payment Processing
I currently do not have a payment processer configured on the site. I have a Pay Pal account and can get another processer if needed. I will need a process to take payment for the courses. I believe this integrates into LearnDash and will investigate.

I will need to get Google Analytics installed correctly. I think it was confirtured, but not sure.

I have the site registered in Google Webmaster Tools as well.

I have site and database back ups of the site running as a paid service on GoDaddy.

Phase II after Redesign is Complete
I would like someone who also has the ability to create custom scripts for the site as a next stage of development. I would like to eventually add the ability for my students to take a personality test and other like tests.

Additionally, I would like to have this person be available to do updates in the future on an hourly basis.

DataSeries Website Development

  • Hourly - none (none)
  • None
  • Posted 2 weeks ago

We have discussed already. It is a website landing page that looks fantastic and is functional for our website visitors.


  • Hourly - none (none)
  • None
  • Posted 2 weeks ago

We need to put 2 eProducts on the website:

Is a pdf with unique barcode. So if you order 10 times this item you will receive 10 different PDF. We have to upload about 10.000 PDF for the 10.000 different guest we will have to the event is a unique code. So as soon as the client buy this item the shop send an email with the code. This code is also unique. We have to upload about 15.000 code on the system.