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Seeking Umbraco developer for database development

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  • Posted 2 days ago

create a matrix to host technical drawings from in a clean and functional layout. We would need to display this data on product pages. We would like to manage both and through a mutual database.

Create a database to house technical drawings
Apply new Matrix and template to
Apply the format to product pages

Requires Activities:

We will supply a naming structure ( i.e. "JF5055-00")

JF5055-00 will host both an unbranded, and branded version of the same .pdf

Ideally, by uploading a branded and unbranded version of the file into the JF5055-00 slot, it would populate and respectively with the new files.

Example slugs:

For branded documents:

For unbranded documents:

Fantasy Football Website

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  • Posted 4 days ago

Hi Nicolas,

Per our conversation today, here's the formal proposal for the website we discussed. Thanks.

Tim G.

Full Stack php Development for Medium-like Research Website

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Build a site like There are a few features I want to add on top of it. I welcome all framework and architecture proposal as long as it delivers and scales.

Kentico Webpage Rendering Issue

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  • Posted 6 days ago

The site works fine on Microsoft Edge however the webpage is rendering very incorrectly on random devices, generally on Chrome browsers and often on Microsoft (we have had one Mac, issue). We have had errors on both a tablet and a desktop and on Chromebooks. The webpage works fine on Mozilla Firefox or Edge. As per discussion on Upwork.

i want create project intelligent automation penetration test

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  • Less than 1 months
  • Posted 6 days ago

Part I Non-AI Approach
1 Detect
1.1 Gather intel on target Port scanning and vulnerabilities detection on the target machine. Could use a combination of the following tools, • whois • nslookup • nmap / nmap_vulners • sslscan • Search Engines • Metasploit • CMS scans
2 Identify
Identifying the vulnerability and collecting intel from CVE or other vulnerabilities database
2.1 Metasploit
2.2 CVE: Commons Vulnerabilities and Exposures 2.3 OWASP 3 Exploit Use metasploit to execute the exploits
4 Report Vulnerability reporting
with GUI
part2 with AI

UI/UX as sent via email

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  • Posted 6 days ago

Provided as per email

Sneaker bot

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  • Posted 6 days ago

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY and please only give an offer if you have done sneaker software related projects.

I need someone to develop me a software that can monitor websites and products and notifies you when a product releases on a site or restocks I need to be able to use proxies with the software and I need it to be able to work with discord so basically when the product drops the monitor will send notifications to multiple webhooks to discord with the link of the product and I need it to be able to work with keywords of the product. and I need it to be able to scrape websites for early links for products so you can get the link of the product before it releases on the site and I also want the software to have quick tasks for sneaker bots so basically when the notification shows up on discord it should have an option for you to choose from a couple sneaker bots you want to finish the process with and the notification should also have an ATC (add to cart) link

and the sites I need to monitor are:
all shopify sites
Monitor any new arrivals category
Monitor any Shopify earlylinks
Monitor any Non-Shopify earlylinks

Czech Republic




Italy Bypassing cloudflare ok







United Kingdom (CA) (UK) (US)


off— (GB) Bypassing cloudflare ok

off— (US) Bypassing cloudflare ok



MESH : Backend / Frontend : Backend / Frontend

and over 100 other shopify sites

Bot needs to be like, BalkoBot, Kodai Bot & Dashe.


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I am looking for a web designer with acute attention to artistic detail. I need an e-commerce website developed for my startup, which is a smart bottle. I need the consumers to feel inspired when they come on to the site, I need the site to be mobile-friendly, have an easy checkout process, a returning and guest check out, clear design and intuitive navigation, I need the site to track foot traffic. I need a ​home page where the product pictures are on the front page and can be swiped through, a buy button on the home page on the picture, shop product page, about page, contact page, and check out
examples like Thank you for your time.


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Update code.