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JhonPaul Binag

Expert MySQL Database Administration , Wordpress Specialist

$8 / hr

$0+ earned


He worked in a wide range of Administrative Support or Virtual Assistant, Database Management, Online Web Research, Chatbot Development, Web Design, and Lead Generation. He has 6 years of solid experience which would make him an asset to the different companies. Understanding of taking on key leadership had led him to be a solution minded individual with strong decision making abilities. His strong work ethic and positive energy level gave him confidence that the synthesis of his education and work experience will enable to make immediate and valuable contributions. He brings bags of the following skills: ✅ B2B Lead Generation or Online Web Research ✅ Virtual Assistant or Administrative Support ✅ Customer Care or Customer Support ✅ Social Media Management or Marketing ✅ Chatbot Development ✅ Database Management ✅ Website Design or Development ✅ Data Entry ✅ Graphics & Design ✅ Audio, Video, and Podcast Production ✅ Audio and Video Transcription ✅ Email Marketing or Email Management or Email Automation or AutoResponder ✅ Click Funnels ✅ Hardware and Software Technical Support ✅ e-Commerce Very professional and personally committed to continued growth and excellence. He has the energy, vision, leadership, and implementation skills to make a positive difference. In addition, here are the list of tools for Administrative Support or Virtual Assistant, Database Management, Online Web Research, Chatbot Development, Web Design, and Lead Generation that he used/using: ✅ Data Entry: Online Web Search, Transcription ✅ CMS: Divi, Avada, Elementor Pro, Thrive Architect, Beaver Builder ✅ Lead Generation:,, Google Chrome, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, LeadLeaper,, SalesQL ✅ Chatbot Development: ManyChat Messenger Bot ✅ Database Management: MS SQL, MySQL, MariaDB, PhpMyAdmin, MS Access, Oracle, PostgreSQL ✅ Administrative Support: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Sheet, Google Docs, Google Slide ✅Project Management: Asana, Trello ✅ File Management: Google Drive, One Drive, DropBox ✅ Email Marketing & Automation: MailChimp, Streak, WoodPecker, Lemlist ✅ Web Design: Wordpress, HTML/CSS, Bootstrap, Foundation, Material Design, Spectre CSS ✅ Graphics & Design: Photoshop, Canva ✅ AVP Production: Camtasia, Adobe Premier ✅ Programming: VB .Net, C#, PHP, VB6, Macro

Kostik Drugov

Full stack Developer

$25 / hr

$0+ earned

  Russian Federation

My name is Konstantin Drugov. I am a Full Stack developer. I provide creative, high-tech solutions to your web design and programming needs. I have broad experience in Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP / Perl. (Also known as the LAMP stack.) I adhere to industry best practices, and bring to your projects the disciplines of MVC framework design patterns such as CodeIgniter in PHP, Git version control, and project management systems such as Jira, Unfuddle, and Trac. I've been using Python frameworks (like TurboGears2, Flask or Django) for web development , I'm also very capable of working on a more traditional stack using WordPress, Drupal or CodeIgniter. I can do frontend development also using HTML/CSS and I'm particularly fond of behavior and in-browser animation.

Markos Yates

Backend and FrontEnd developer

$25 / hr

$39397+ earned

  United Kingdom

Markos is an expert JVM developer with solid experience building with Spring, Groovy, and the JVM ecosystem in general. He has managed the full software lifecycle from requirements to deployment, along with systems administration and networking (CCDP/CCNP). He is a proactive guy who's looking for projects that involve back-end engineering, infrastructure questions, networking, orchestration, and harder functional programming. Also being as a software professional specialized in Java and JavaScript full-stack software design and development. He prefers open source software and technologies. Markos considers himself very agile in learning new technologies and finding solutions to difficult technical problems.

Emerson Silva

Senior developer

$25 / hr

$0+ earned


I have dealt with many problems in the development area. Developed in C and MATLAB a project with Bioinformatics. Later I worked with Arduino, robotics and Android apps. I worked with Web Development (front end and back end). Finally, I developed a project seeking better solutions for urban traffic. In addition, I trained in Coaching and NLP which brought me a broad knowledge of human behavior and interpersonal relationships, as well as becoming an expert in goal setting, strategic planning and continuous improvement. Another interesting point of my career is that I lived for 4 months in the United States (USA) working in a ski resort, which allowed me to see beyond Brazilian culture and understand how things work out of here.

Anton Lavrov

Full-Stack Developer experienced in JIRA and UI/UX

$34 / hr

$3980+ earned

  Russian Federation

Hi! I'm a JIRA developer and UI/UX designer with over 8 years of working experience in those fields. It’s a pleasure for me to please my clients and working online is my passion. I also have Master’s degree in computer Science. I also have a great passion on designing and always love to create a new design. Thus now I am highly skilled, enthusiastic, self- motivated JIRA developer and UI/UX Designer able to do any kinds of designing on upwork. Still I always seek for source to learn a new thing related to my work. I have the required skills as a JIRA developer and UI/UX designer JIRA Atlassian JIRA REST XML JSON ORACL MySQL PostgreSQL Good knowledge of data modelling techniques Experience with distributed, multi-tier, mixed technologies, software architectures Solid software development experience and talent Java application servers JS HTML5 CSS3 PHP Web Programming Web Developing Graphic Side of Web Design Adobe Creative Suite, such as Photoshop, Illustrator and Dreamweaver User Interface Programs etc. If I meet your requirements feel free to write me. Thanks for your attention. Anton Lavrov less

Vladimir Krayev

Full Stack Developer / Python | Data Science | Decentralized Applications

$25 / hr

$10440+ earned

  Russian Federation

Hey there! I’m Vladimir. My skills of expertise include Data Science, Backend Development, and Decentralized applications. I love to crawl the internet and learn about new technologies from openly available resources on the internet. I have actively worked with few Open Source organizations and occasionally write detailed articles on specific technical topics. Also, I have used the following technologies: Numpy, Pandas, Tensorflow, Rest, Web Services, Scraping, Machine learning, Image processing, Data Science. I started my Data Science journey with Udacity's Machine Learning Nanodegree. After that, I've been involved with several projects related to Data Science, including Space Weather Forecasting for Italian Mars Society. As a Machine learning developer, I have completely developed "Electrical Control System" Electric Installation Systems and Control system. It offers Extensive Range of Products in the field of Electrical Components from MCCB to Lighting.

Yuri Meliqov

Software and Network Administrator

$21 / hr

$4837+ earned

  Russian Federation

I am a professional Software developer for Websites and Applications. As a Software developer I have around 8 years experience. The programming codes I command are PHP, JasvaScript, Pythoon, HTML, CSS, etc. Besides being Software developer I am a professional Network Administrator. I have advanced proficiency in HTML, CSS, C#, .NET, JavaScript, SQL, excellent customer service skills. I have a strong foundation in MogoDB, Express, AngularJS, NodeJS, ReactJS, VueJs, etc. I have gained a solid recognition at work by successfully accomplishing many projects, including web development using HTML5, CSS3, Java, jQuery, PHP, Adobe Creative Cloud, etc., design of interactives and mobile apps, UX and UI design projects for many famous websites, etc.

Vadim Zhirov

Building full web application solutions

$27 / hr

$7795+ earned

  Russian Federation

In my 10+ years developing software, the field of technology and the options available to solve problems has progressed at an amazing pace. Thankfully I have an intense passion for learning new technology and applying it to solve problems. Not only do I enjoy learning the details and ramifications of whats new, but I have the experience to realize when something isn't ready for production, or is the wrong solution to solve the problem. I have been in the field of application development for 6 years and I have used many different technologies: Java, PHP, Nodejs, Dojo, Angular, Vue etc. and integrated with dozens of 3rd party systems. I have been a developer, a team lead, an architect, and, off the side of my desk, I have done project management, dev management, dev ops and more. In the end, I do whatever needs doing to solve business problems with technology. I love building and solving.

Stanislav Shelinin

Programmer and Developer

$25 / hr

$15820+ earned

  Russian Federation

Hello everyone!! I am Stanislav- Programmer and Developer with deep knowledge of a great amount of skills including PHP, HTML5, Java/JavaScript, CSS, Virtual Basic. I have the following skills: • C# • C++ • JavaScript • PHP • - Experience with Docker, Cloud Foundry, Kubernetes • -Knowledge of monitoring tools including AppDynamic and Splunk. • - Experience in Pivotal Gemfire and Tibco I will surely justify all your expectations, and your job will be done on time for sure!! I am very punctual and responsible. Waiting for cooperation!!

Alexandros Karvounis Zoumpos


$10 / hr

$0+ earned


I am an enthusiastic developer ready to become obsessed with finishing the task provided.